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PorColombia groups college students, professionals with a Colombian background and friends in the United States and Canada. We strive to establish partnerships and create valuable services for our members. We also forge countless ties within our communities, to strengthen and improve our contributions as active members of North American Society. 

Our Mission is to create and support networking activities with substantial involvement on academic, social, cultural, and philanthropic activities. We aim to educate and raise awareness of present and future opportunities to build from abroad a stronger, safer, and dynamic Colombia.

Your Officers

President: Juan Pablo Lancheros

Vice President: Carolina Agudello

Vice President of Marketing: Laura Botero

Treasurer: Elizabeth Sterling

Secretary: Julian Agudello

Our Constitution

PorColombia is a student organization funded by Student Government through Student Activities and Involvement. Our University profile, technical information and Constitution can be found on GatorConnect.


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