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Member Leadership Program

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The Hispanic Student Association’s Member Leadership Program (MLP) is a two-semester mentorship and leadership program for freshmen, sophomores, and first-year transfer students. Our mission is to foster growth, development, and success in order to create principled leaders that will empower our community. Through MLP, our students are able to network with fellow students and alumni, create everlasting friendships, shadow student leaders on campus, receive advice and guidance from their very own MLP Mentor, and professionally develop themselves into the future leaders of our community. MLP Class will consist of 40 diverse, incoming freshman, sophomore, and transfer students that have a passion and desire to impact the communities that surround them here at the University of Florida. If you want to take the next step into getting involved at University of Florida, the Member Leadership Program is a great way to do it!


Here are some events we have throughout the year!




MLP Fall Executive Director: Brian Nuñez

Assistant Executive Director: Nicholas Suriel

Organizational Outreach Director: Jenny Ng

Professional Development & Academics: Viridiana Lopez-Lugo

Mentorship Director: Madison Miguelez

Health and Wellness Director: Natalie Santos De La Torre

Fundraising Director: Daniela Sanchez

Multicultural Affairs Director: Isabella Jaramillo

Marketing Director: Gabriela Barreras

Membership Relations: Nicole Barreto

Servant Leadership: David Carreon


MLP Spring Executive Director: Julia Echemendia

Assistant Executive Director: Celeste Hall

Fundraising Director: Robert Handy

Marketing Director: Diana Jimenez Alvarado

Professional and Academic Development Director: Maria Maura

Mentorship Director: Joel Hernandez

Organizational Outreach Committee Director: Gabriella Delgado

Membership Relations: Noralbis Barrientos

Multicultural Affairs Committee Director: Francesca Cappelleti

Health and Wellness Affairs Director: Elianne Rodriguez

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