National Association of Hispanic Journalists

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NAHJ at UF is an organization dedicated the the advancement of Hispanic journalists at the University of Florida. #MoreLatinosInNews

Your Officers

President: Camila Portillo

Vice President: Joseline Donoso

Secretary: Daniella Sevares

Treasurer: Aurora Martinez

Social Media Manager: Denisse Flores

Social Media Manager: Marcello Cuadro

Media Coordinator: Maria Paula Espinosa

Our Constitution

NAHJ is a student organization funded by Student Government through Student Activities and Involvement. Our University profile, technical information and Constitution can be found on GatorConnect.


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Contact Us

Developed by Mauricio Perez & Elle Chumlongluk 

Funded by Student Government.

Hispanic Student Association

300 Reitz Union
PO Box 118505
Gainesville, FL 32611-8505