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Join OPA and expert panelists next Friday for an important discussion on modern-day voter suppression and its role in the 2020 elections amid added obstacles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights in our democracy, yet the United States has a long history of voter suppression. Oftentimes, minorities and communities of color are deliberately excluded from the electoral process.

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Join us and UF Multicultural and Diversity Affairs on November 4th to reflect on results, aftermath, and share your thoughts!

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The Office of Political Affairs of HSA is a nonpartisan group that serves as the Latinx community’s voice on campus, at the university, state, and national level, by vouching for our best interests, creating dialogues about policies and issues affecting us, and educating our community on the importance of being civically engaged.

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Your Officers


OPA Director:

Ana Cavalcante

Chief of Staff: 

Isabella Alonso

External Liaison:

Manuel Munoz-Repiso

Internal Liaisons:

Fiorella Zarza Ayala

Victoria Yanes

Graphics Assistant:

Jordan Quinones-Marrero

Special Projects Committee:

Fernanda Altamirano

Francesca Molfino

Brianna Adan

Sabrina Briceno

Voting and Advocacy Committee:

Jessica Martinez

Karisya Moran-Adames



Learn more about voting through these voting resources and visit the Office of Political Affairs Instagram to learn even more!



The United States Census is a national survey conducted every ten years to enumerate the population for taxation and political representation. The survey is conducted by the Bureau of the Census, also known as the United States Census Bureau, and is mandatory for all U.S. citizens.

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