Your Officers


Karina Lopez

VP of Operations: 

Francesca Cappelleti


Tiffanie Paredes

VP of Programming: 

Angie Todd

VP of Public Relations: 

Rodrigo Nadal

Message from the president:

I'm Karina Lopez, President of Pass! I am really excited to show the entire student body of UF how much more there is to Peruvian culture, so make sure to come to our GBMs and events this Fall semester and show us some love!

Los Peruanos de UF

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Peruvian American Student Society

We are the Peruvian American Student Society, aiming to diffuse the Peruvian culture throughout the University of Florida through the means of educational General Body Meetings, events that promote our world renowned cuisine, and through collaborations that serve to further strengthen our ties to the Hispanic community of UF as well as the entire community of diverse backgrounds found at the university. 

The purpose of the PASS is to organize cultural events that will promote, explore and foster Peruvian and Hispanic awareness in general at the University of Florida and the Gainesville Community.

Social Director: 

Alvaro Navarro

Cultural Director: 

Nicole Martinez

Cultural Director: 

Jose Ortiz

VPO Liaison: 

Danielle Tjon

VPO Liaison: 

Elizabeth Loya


Camila Castellano

Treasury Cabinet Member: 

Gabriela Cano Uchofen

Treasury Cabinet Member: 

Micaela Brena


Come to our GBMs and join the family!!

Our Constitution

PASS is a student organization funded by Student Government through Student Activities and Involvement. Our University profile, technical information and Constitution can be found on GatorConnect.