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Cuban American Student Association

In 1971, the Cuban Student Federation was established, marking the beginning of not only Cuban, but Hispanic involvement on our campus. Like the many before us, we seek to share and spread Cuban culture, its beauty, strength, and values on campus and in Gainesville through social outreach and events; to provide a sense of familia for the Cuban community on campus and beyond. By establishing a network through which cultural exchange and appreciation are promoted and cherished, and opportunities and ideas are spread; to educate the student body on issues affecting Cubans, Cuban Exiles, and the Hispanic-Latino community at large by creating a space for open dialogue and debate; and to advocate for civic, political, and social change and initiatives that positively impact Cuba, Cuban Exiles, all Latinos, and the United States. We host many social events along with general body meetings that educate but also bring together the community.

Your Officers

President: Thalia Fernandez

Vice President: Gabriela del Sol

Treasurer: Thalia Diaz

Secretary: Claudia Brito

Director of External Affairs: Lisandra Triana

Event Coordinator: Denise Carrillo

Marketing Director: Leisly Esquivel

Historian: Gabriel Hernandez

Our Constitution

CASA is a student organization funded by Student Government through Student Activities and Involvement. Our University profile, technical information and Constitution can be found on GatorConnect.


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