Ecuadorian Culture and Heritage Association

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The purpose of the Ecuadorian Culture and Heritage Association is to bring undergraduate students at the University of Florida that are interested in learning about Ecuadorian culture, heritage, and history together and educate them on these topics through monthly informational meetings and cultural awareness events throughout the academic year. The organization will serve as a point of contact for all undergraduate Ecuadorian and non-Ecuadorian students who wish to engage in leadership opportunities and cultural partnerships with the Hispanic Student Association, its affiliates, and other organizations within the University of Florida.


The organization will also serve as a way to bring to light important topics that need further discussion in the Ecuadorian context such as the status of Afro-Ecuadorians, Indigenous Ecuadorians, and LGBTQ+ Ecuadorians within Ecuador and how their lives are constantly affected within the culture of Ecuadorian society. The organization also aims to inform students of current political situations occurring in Ecuador as the nation undergoes changes and affects the lives of Ecuadorians both on the mainland, and abroad.  This organization shall not be for-profit and shall be non-commercial in nature.

Your Officers

President: Darío Mendoza Loor 

Internal Vice-President: Adriana Sela

External Vice-President: Lisbeth Garcia

Secretary: Kristy Orbe 

Treasurer: Ian Aviles

Historian: Sophia Jaramillo-Vasconez