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Lighting Design video of "Don't Stop Me Now"

Natalia Dubon | HSA | LAS | 4th Year | Visual Art

During my first year switching into a Theatre major, I was exploring the idea of pursuing lighting design as a career. More specifically, I was interested in concert lighting. So, I began the BFA Lighting Design track offered at UF's School of Theatre + Dance. One of the first classes you take there is the Lighting 1 Class (TPA4020), in which you are assigned a final music project. For this, the only guidelines are that you must create your own design to any 2-minute song using our school's light lab. There were a couple of other guidelines such as a minimum amount of lighting cues we should have and other foundational things we had to cover, to ensure that we knew all the basic controls on the programming board. Anyway, here is my light design project, to the song "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen:

I wanted to share a fun project with you all and express that, even though I didn't choose the lighting design path in the end, I had a great time exploring that possibility and learning to program. I highly recommend taking creative classes like this one during your time at UF so you can truly explore all your options, learn something new, and have some fun!

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23 dic 2023

Good day! I would like to ask if you would mind if I use the music from your video for my videos? I could use one of these methods to record audio on a Mac so I can add it later in the editor to my video. If you don't mind, I would be very grateful. Looking forward to your reply!

Me gusta
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