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Central American Latin Organization E-Board + Cabinet Members Application

The Central American Latin Organization aims to serve as a space of empowerment and visibility for Central American students at the University of Florida. We welcome students from all backgrounds to come to learn about our Central American roots and create meaningful bonds with us through education and cultural events. 

The positions available include: 

Secretary: In charge of taking minutes at CALOR meetings, organizing the CALOR Google Drive, and keeping track of the CALOR email. 

Director of Programming: In charge of helping to come up with events that CALOR can host or collaborate with (socials, GBMs, etc.); Includes but limited to providing a topic of interest, picking the venue, gathering a target audience, going over logistics of event activities, etc. 

Assistant Director of Marketing: Assist in maintaining external communications, work with the Social Media manage online presence and collaborate with the Graphic Design team to create visuals for the organization.

Assistant Director of Graphic Design: Create visuals for organization, including but not limited to, GBM presentations, marketing collateral, and merch; work with the Social Media team to make content for social media and research other freelance designers for collaborations. 

Assistant Director of Programming: Assist in the planning of events, brainstorm potential ideas and themes to include in CALOR programming and help outline logistics for events 

Assistant Director of Fundraising: Assist in Budgeting Requests for SG, help in signing restaurant cooperation contracts for fundraising, and collaborate with E-board on creative ways to fundraise outside of food cooperations. 


If you are interested the application can be found here: 

If you have any questions please contact us through our Instagram @ufcalor or email us at