The Hispanic Student Association Cabinet works to manage and complete the goals set by HSA. Members of the HSA Cabinet develop events and organize projects, become leaders, and serve as representatives of the Hispanic Student Association. At the core of our organization's work structure, the cabinets are designed as independent groups headed by members of the executive board. They collaborate with each other to create exciting and inclusive events and help better the Hispanic Student Association at the University of Florida.



Sustainability Director: Isabella Garcia

Joint Fundraising Initiative: Dulce Díaz Roa

Latin American Summit Director: Matthew Rodriguez

Latin American Summit Assistant Director: Velgui Perez-Tomas

Latin American Summit Assistant Director: Santiago Clavijo-Gomez


Chief of Staff: Daniel Badell

Special Projects: Daniela Restrepo

Special Projects: Alejandra Nunez

Internal Liason: Veronica Caraballo

Internal Liason: Esteban Martinez

Social Director: Maria Karla Leon

DM Director: Daylenis Clavijo

GBM Director: Nicholas Suriel

GBM Director: Adriana Sela

External Liaison: Hannah Elmattougui

External Liaison: Mariana Baya

External Liaison: Solange Lizama

Service Director: Sabrina Guillen

Social Director: Jessica Mesa

Director of Alumni Outreach: Nicole Marrero

Director of Alumni Outreach: Julia Sivco

Director of Relations: Laura Ariza

Affiliate Organization Liaison: Raeza Horn-Muller

Affiliate Organization Liaison: Darío Mendoza Loor 

Affiliate Organization Liaison: Sophia Ramirez-Peralta

Affiliate Organization Liaison: Natalia Perez

Affiliate Organization Liaison: Valeria Perez

Affiliate Organization Liaison: Lorena Valentin

Affiliate Organization Liaison: Miguel Villanueva


Outreach Director: Daisy Facio-Aguiniga

Marketing Director: Ana Garcia

Media Director: Isabella Barnet

Graphic Design Director: Valentina Perez

Graphic Design Director: Kelen Quintana

Director of Photography: Melanie Florez

Director of Photography: Pia Quiroga Carrizo

HSA Ambassador: Angie Todd



Chief of Staff: Carlos Estrada

Corporate Fundraising Director: Brenda Sanchez

Event Fundraising Director: Nicholas Gill

Accounting Director: Bryan Momin

Financial Literacy Director: Ricardo Amaral

Assistant Secretary: Angelica Abrego

Secretary Liaison: Caylyn Nord

Newsletter Editor: Racheal Rodriguez

Website Coordinator: Audrey Weigel

MLP Fall

MLP Spring

Assistant Executive Director: Maria Ovsepyan

Fundraising Director: Daniela Sanchez

Health and Wellness Director: Natalie Santos De La Torre

Marketing Director: Gabriela Barreras

Membership Relations Director: Nicole Barreto

Mentorship Director: Madison Miguelez

Multicultural Affairs Director: Cristian Vasquez

Organizational Outreach Director: Jenny Ng

Professional Development and Academics: Viridiana Lopez-Lugo

Servant Leadership: David Carreon

Assistant Executive Director: Celeste Hall

Fundraising Director: Robert Handy 

Marketing Director: Diana Jimenez Alvarado

Professional and Academic Development Director: Maria Maura

Mentorship Director: Joel Hernandez

Organizational Outreach Committee Director: Gabriella Delgado

Membership Relations Director: Noralbis Barrientos

Multicultural Affairs Committee Director: Francesca Cappelleti

Health and Wellness Affairs Director: Elianne Rodriguez

Office of Political Affairs


Chief of Staff: Ana Cavalcante

Special Projects Committee: Aaron Arriaga

Special Projects Committee: Fernanda Altamirano

Special Projects Committee: Francesca Molfino

Special Projects Committee: Isabella Alonso

Special Projects Committee: Brianna Adan

Special Projects Committee: Sabrina Briceno

Voting and Advocacy Committee: Jose Vazquez 

Voting and Advocacy Committee: Jessica Martinez

Voting and Advocacy Committee: Karisya Moran-Adames

Merchandise Coordinator: Valentina Veiga

Marketing Director: Domenica Aycart 

Outreach Coordinator: Dulce Díaz Roa

Technical Logistics Coordinator: Maria Carmona

Graphic Designer: Valeria Coll

Financial Coordinator: Brenda Sanchez

Outreach Coordinator: David Carreon

Event Director: Dario Mendoza Loor 

Speakers Coordinator: David Turino

Emcee: Daniel Badell


HHM Executive Director: Francesca Bagala 

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