Hispanic Student Association

Hispanic Student Association

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The Hispanic Student Association is the premier Hispanic-Latinx student-serving organization at the University of Florida. HSA serves as the go-to organization for all students wishing to learn and connect with the Hispanic-Latinx community at UF and the greater Gainesville area. 

The history of Hispanic-Latinx students at UF is characterized by hard work, amazing feats of unity, and a continual pursuit of growth. We hope to celebrate our Hispanic-Latinx roots among our ever-growing Familia and help the advancement of our community. 

In addition, HSA has 20 sub-organizations - each with its own specific mission - that supplement HSA's programming and enhance the opportunities for students to get involved on campus.

See which community best fits you and, as always, Go Gators!

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Developed by Mauricio Perez & Elle Chumlongluk 

Funded by Student Government.

Hispanic Student Association

300 Reitz Union
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