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  • Victoria Hernandez

E-Board's Summer Playlist

Wondering what E-Board has been up to? Check out some of E-Board's recommended hot tracks of the summer below!

Isabella Alonso | HSA | 3rd Year | Music

Song: Far Away by EASHA, I found this artist on tiktok and I absolutely love her vibes and lyrics. Her music and voice are so great, but this song specifically has great summer energy and it’s been on repeat!!

Celeste Hall | HSA | 4th Year | Music

Relaxing Playlist:

Study Playlist:

Elle Chumlongluk | HSA | 4th Year | Music

Here are two of playlists that have been my favorite this past summer. The first one called "just a little preview" demonstrates my alternative taste of music as well as some of my all time favorite songs from other genres. The playlist gives a brief overview of my taste of music. The other playlist is called "The Ultimate Vibessss" which is a playlist I made over the summer while relaxing one night in my apartment with my LED lights on and a candle lit. It was a very relaxing chill vibe to wind down to after a long day.

The Ultimate Vibesssss:

just a little preview:

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