PRESS RELEASE: Solidarity with the Black Community in light of current events

May 30th, 2020

The Hispanic Student Association stands in solidarity with the Black Community and encourages members, family, and friends to challenge the system of anti-blackness and white supremacy. This is not simply a statement of solidarity but a recognition of the privilege that allows our community to be a voice and ally for a continuously targeted and oppressed population.

We are outraged and deeply saddened by the loss of innocent lives. We are committed to educating ourselves and our membership with ways that we can call out anti-blackness within our own community. Meanwhile, we distinguish that this is no fight the Black Community should have to undergo alone. Injustice for one is injustice for all.

CNN news reporter, Omar Jimenez, is an identified Afro-Latinx man who just yesterday was arrested on live television for reporting on the aftermath of the current events. After three days on the scene, doing his job, Jimenez and his crew were arrested and detained until they “could be proven as members of the media.” The Minneapolis governor has since taken “full responsibility” for the incident, but we recognize that this is not simply a matter of racial identity but color.

Our organization is committed to using our platform to be active voices in the struggle. Below we have listed multiple resources that can be used to make an individual impact. We encourage each person to challenge themselves to support the cause. To remain silent is to stay compliant to these injustices.

How you can help:

1. Say the names in remembrance and honor of past and present victims.

2. Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help bail out individuals arrested for protesting.

3. Donate to the George Floyd memorial fund, Ahmaud Arbery fund to assist his family with funeral expenses, though no amount of money could ever compensate the loss of a life.

4. Resources for non-Black people of color to take tangible action:

5. Sign the petition seeking justice for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

6. Black Lives Matter resources on coping, action, and donations.

It is understood that these are emotionally difficult times, so please remember to disconnect from social media if necessary and practice self-care. The

Counseling and Wellness Center at UF is offering services to students dealing with these current events: (352) 392-1575.

We urge those available and able to participate in the peaceful protests occurring around Florida and beyond to remain safe while taking action. Your voice is needed, but your lives and health are an utmost priority as well.

We stand for the rights of Black and Afro-Latinx people, and the enactment of change towards national acknowledgement that Black lives matter.


The Hispanic Student Association at the University of Florida


30 de mayo de 2020

La asociación de estudiantes hispanos (Hispanic Student Association) se solidariza con la comunidad negra y alienta a sus miembros, amigos y familia a desafiar al sistema racista y a la supremacía blanca. Esto no es una simple declaración de solidaridad, es el reconocimiento del privilegio que le permite a nuestra comunidad ser una voz y una aliada a una población que es oprimida constantemente.

Estamos indignados y profundamente tristes por la pérdida de vidas inocentes. Estamos dedicados a educar, tanto a nosotros mismos como a nuestros miembros, sobre las maneras en las que podemos pelear contra el racismo en nuestra propia comunidad. Al mismo tiempo, reconocemos que la comunidad negra no debería estar sola en esta lucha. “Injustice for one is injustice for all” (Injusticia para uno es injusticia para todos)

Omar Jimenez, un reportero de CNN que se identifica como Afro-Latino, fue arrestado ayer en vivo por informar sobre las repercusiones de los eventos actuales. Después de tres días completando las tareas de su trabajo, Jimenez y su equipo fueron arrestados y detenidos hasta que pudieran comprobar que eran parte de los medios de comunicación. El gobernador de Minneapolis tomó responsabilidad completa por el incidente pero reconocemos que esto es una cuestión no solo de identidad racial, pero tambien de color de piel.

Nuestra organización está dedicada a usar nuestra plataforma para ser voces activas en esta lucha. A continuación, les ofrecemos varios recursos para crear un impacto individual. Alentamos a cada uno de ustedes a desafiarse y apoyar esta causa. El que permanece en silencio es sumiso a estas injusticias.

¿Cómo ayudar?

1. Diga los nombres para recordar y honrar a las víctimas

2. Done al Minnesota Freedom Fund para ayudar a pagar la fianza de aquellos individuos arrestados al protestar.

3. Done al George Floyd memorial fund y Ahmaud Arbery fund para ayudar a las familias con los costos funerarios aunque no haya cantidad de dinero que pueda compensar la pérdida de una vida.

4. Recursos para personas de color que no se identifican como negro/a que quieren tomar acción:

5. Firme las peticiones que buscan demandar justicia por George Floyd y Breonna Taylor

6. Recursos de Black Lives Matter basados en tomar acción, donacionaciones, y maneras para lidiar con lo que está ocurriendo.

Estos son tiempos difíciles y emotivos. Por eso, recuerde desconectarse de los medios sociales si es necesario y de priorizar el cuidado propio. El Counseling and Wellness Center de UF está ofreciendo servicios para estudiantes lidiando con los hechos recientes: (352) 392-1575

Insistimos que todos los que estén disponibles participen en las protestas pacíficas que ocurrirán a lo largo del estado de la Florida y que permanezcan a salvo mientras toman estas medidas. Necesitamos de su voz pero su vida y salud son la mayor prioridad.

Defendemos los derechos de las personas negras y morenas y a la promulgación del cambio dirigido al reconocimiento al nivel nacional de que las vidas de las personas negras importan


La asociación de estudiantes hispanos (Hispanic Student Association) de la Universidad de Florida

COVID - 19 Resources 

Contra COVID

Contra COVID is an organization dedicated to helping Latino and immigrant families during this pandemic.

We are a group of students and professionals from Harvard Medical School and medical institutions around the country who are dedicated to ensuring that Latino and immigrant individuals have the information they need to protect themselves and their families

Our Mission: We work hard to provide timely culturally relevant health and social information in an easily accessible format for communities across the nation

Our Vision: To provide people of all backgrounds  the information, health, and social resources they need to thrive during times of hardship

Visit to  to find information on resources in your local community including Gainesville on food, work, housing, and finance during these difficult times. All information is presented in both English and Spanish for your connivence. 

Community Service Resources

Gators for Good

The Brown Center for Leadership and Service wants to continue to inspire University of Florida students to be change agents by serving their hometown community or the Gainesville community during these unfamiliar times. We are aware that there are some limitations on access to specific service opportunities. That’s why we are eager to be a resource for students who want to engage in community service virtually and provide guidance to those who feel more inclined to give back physically.


Gators for Good

During Summer B, the BCLS will be hosting the Gators for Good Challenge! We challenge you to complete 5 hours of service and participate in workshops to help you engage in community service while learning how service can increase your personal well-being and potentially advance your career. After completing your service, submit your service hours here to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Visit our website to learn more about #GatorsforGood.



Please take a look at our workshops below and register to secure your spot. All workshops will take place through Zoom, and log-in information will be sent to your UFL email address after completing the registration form.

Click here to register!


The Unexpected Benefits of Service

Thursday, July 16th, 11:00 am -12:30 pm


Building Community: Establishing a Successful Service Opportunities

Tuesday, July 21st, 1:00 pm -2:30 pm


Understanding the Impact of your Service

Tuesday, August 4th, 1:00 pm-2:30 pm

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