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Your Executive Board

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Maria Karla Leon



The President of the Hispanic Student Association is tasked with leading the largest Hispanic-serving student organization on campus with over 250 members, managing a 12 person executive board, leading on 80+ team of student leaders serving within our Cabinet, establishing short and long term goals for the organization, overseeing a $95,000+ annual budget, meeting with University administration, and acting as a leading voice within the Hispanic/Latinx community at the University of Florida

The Hispanic Student Association Executive Board consist of a diverse group of leaders committed to serving the Hispanic-Latinx community at the University of Florida. We are eager to give back to those we represent through intentional programming, outreach, and advocacy. Each Executive Board member leads a cabinet of dedicated students who help lead our organization. As HSA leaders, we are responsible for overseeing 20 Affiliated Organizations, a Welcome Assembly, the largest student-run Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month in the nation, the Member Leadership Program, and an Office of Political Affairs among other cultural programming and outreach.

We look forward to this upcoming year and are ready to lead an HSA that is stronger than ever.

Maria Karla Leon

Meet your Officers

Kenneth Caraballo

Chief of Staff

Amanda Morales

Vice President of Communications

Sophia Montero

Member Leadership Program

Fall Director

Kristian Carreño

Vice President of Operations

Daniela Duarte


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Dahlia Fabregat

Member Leadership Program

Spring Director

Ben G-118.HEIC
Jackie Sanchez

Vice President of Programming

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Clara Calavia Sarnago
Alejandro Grillo

Office of Political Affairs


Ian Aviles

Hispanic-Latinx Student Assembly


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